Looking for examples of our antibodies and protein standards in action? Here are just some of the recent peer-reviewed publications using Environmental Proteomics products: Humby et al. (2013) — Conditional Senescence in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Chlorophyceae) Li et al. (2013) — Rising CO2 Interacts with Growth Light and Growth Rate to Alter Photosystem II Photoinactivation of the […]

Global antibodies

The use of global antibodies Global antibodies reliably measure the levels of key proteins even in uncharacterized species or mixed communities. PDF poster showing experimental results on phytoplankton The benefit of global antibodies Global antibodies are raised against peptides conserved in the target proteins across a range of species. This intelligent design generates antibodies with […]

About Environmental Proteomics

Environmental Proteomics began in 2004 when several scientists recognized the need for high quality antibodies in non-mammalian systems. We strive to enhance the work that environmental researchers are doing all over the world. Our team of scientists designs, validates, and promotes a line of antibodies. Our company culture recognizes excellence, multi-disciplinary thinking, and strong academic […]


Since our incep­tion, EP has col­lab­o­rated with Agris­era to design, pro­duce and char­ac­ter­ize com­plete immuno­log­i­cal detec­tion sys­tems.  Agris­era are spe­cial­ists in serv­ing plant and envi­ron­men­tal scientists, focused on: Custom Antibody Production, Peptide Synthesis, Global and Secondary antibodies, Antibody Purification and Labeling. Antibodies and protein standards designed by Environmental Proteomics are sold exclusively through Agrisera’s webshop.  Read More

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